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    Teacher web pages: The key to engaging families outside the classroom

    When Cabarrus County Schools’ website vendor went out of business, the district was prompted to look for another provider and joined the Schoolwires family.

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    Creating engagement gold by getting social on all fronts

    When Deidra Powell, Chief Communications Officer of Santa Ana Unified School District in California, arrived at the district in 2012, she immediately noticed an unkempt website, very little electronic communications, no social media presence, and not even informational brochures.

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    Training teachers on a dime

    Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District

    In 2013, Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District’s new superintendent made a bold declaration – “We’re going 1-to-1. And we’re going big with 6,000 laptops to be distributed to students.” With 23 schools, 18,000 students, 900 teachers, and only three support staff, how would they ensure training and support was meeting everyone’s needs across the district?

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    Buyer's guide & rating tool

    To find the best website and community management system for your K-12 school district, you need to know what questions to ask potential providers. Download our Buyer’s Guide to get started.

    Download guide

  • /cms/lib/SW10000001/Centricity/Domain/4/custom-design.png

    Getting it right: Custom design should mean "unique" and "from scratch"

    There’s a big difference between being able to personalize your K-12 school websites with the school’s colors, logo, and pictures in a carousel compared to a truly unique design built from the ground up.

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    Congratulations! You’ve got competition.

    School choice, technology, and other factors have created a competitive environment for student enrollments in public education. How can you effectively compete for students and attract new families to your district?

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Schoolwires acquired by Blackboard: Combining a shared vision!

Blackboard has officially acquired Schoolwires, combining a shared vision by both companies, to provide a portfolio of solutions that support increased family and community engagement that enhance student learning in our nation’s schools.

Learn more

  • Put your website to the test

    A quality district or school website can be critical for connecting with your K-12 community. But how does your website rate?

    Check out the Schoolwires website grader to get your free score and analysis of your website.


  • webgrader
  • Why your district needs a responsive web design AND a mobile app


What's your challenge?

  • Make the switch to Schoolwires today

    Every day, more K-12 school districts are switching to Schoolwires from homegrown school websites and other provider solutions. And for some very good reasons. Here are just a few:

    • A school website and community management system (CMS) that’s fully featured, easy-to-use and designed exclusively for K-12, so you can do all the things you need to do every day—more easily and more effectively
    • Custom design that makes your brand shine, showcases your district’s success, and builds confidence in the value of your district
    • Mobile solutions that work seamlessly with Centricity2, so you can engage and connect with students, teachers, parents and staff anytime, anywhere.
    • Secure Web hosting services that reduce the burden on your IT team, with guaranteed uptime and 99.9% reliability

    Make the switch from:

    Homegrown solutionProvider solution


    The Schoolwires portal is our communications hub, it supports the relationships between parent and teacher, teacher and student, and district and community.
    — Terisa J. ODowd, Howe ISD technology director

    Howe ISD returns to Schoolwires read now

    Avon flips the switch to Schoolwires read now

    Read more success stories


More communication, less hassle. Mission impossible?

Between phone calls, websites, social media, and mobile technology, there are more ways than ever to engage your community. Start out the 2015-16 school year right by using these tools together, and in the right ways. In this webinar you'll hear from Dane Dellenbach, Sr. Manager in our Blackboard Product Development Team, who will share tips for using technology to simplify your communication, broaden your reach, save time and money, and improve student success - all at the same time! Thinkthat sounds like a Mission Impossible? Join us and discover how!

The district's role in the community

Most communities are built around central players like businesses and large employers, politics, and other regional identifiers. School districts are also a central player in communities like these, but unlike other players they often cross political, demographic, and other lines in ways that present challenges that are unique to them. For better or for worse, schools often become a central hub for communicating and coordinating everything from community events, to athletics programs, and even hosting political events. In this webinar we will hear from Shelby County School District about how they have embraced this broader role, and look at the strategies they have employed for communicating with and engaging their entire community.

Presenter: Cindy Warner

Manage your district's social media presence from the palm of your hand

Parents are on social platforms, you should be too. Most schools and districts have disparate social media sites, often dozens per district, and are struggling to maintain and control their social media presence. With 1.35 billion users on Facebook and 284 million users on Twitter, K-12 schools and districts not only need to develop a social media presence, but learn how to effectively manage and respond to social conversations. Join this webinar to hear how Annette Eyman, Communications Director at Papillion‑La Vista Public Schools uses social media to improve communication in her district.

Presenter: Chandni Patel and Annette Eyman

Maximizing your K-12 communications to support student success presented by edWeb

Did you know that 86% of the public believes that parent support is the most important way to ensure student achievement? Blackboard and Project Tomorrow have surveyed thousands of parents across the U.S. to understand how they want to be communicated with, which channels they prefer, and how to increase their engagement with schools and districts. In this webinar, explore the parent survey data we’ve collected and learn what tools and practices you need to maximize family and community engagement in your district that ultimately influence student success.

Join Project Tomorrow President & CEO Julie Evans to hear more about:

  • What role parents feel social media and mobile have in K-12
  • What parents believe are measures of student success
  • What parents worry about for their child’s academic future
  • What ways in which parents like to be communicated

Ms Evans will field questions from the audience at the end of her presentation.

Presenter: Julie Evans

Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) Annual Conference

Springfield, IL

Sept 30 - Oct 2 2015

Tennessee Educational Technology Association Summer Institute 

Cookeville, TN

July 7-10, 2015

Uploading & editing website photos

Council of the Great City Schools Public Relations Executives Conference

Nashville, TN

July 10-12, 2015

National School Public Relations Association Annual Conference

Nashville, TN

July 12-15, 2015


Washington, DC

July 21-23, 2015

Colorado Association of School Executives Leadership Convention

Breckenridge, CO

July 27-21, 2015

Idaho Association of School Administrators Summer Leadership Conference

Boise, ID

Aug 5-7, 2015

Using Forms & Surveys to engage your K-12 community

Ohio School Public Relations Association Spring Conference

Worthington, OH

April 16-17, 2015

Education Service Center Region 11 Technology Vendor Fair

White Settlement, TX

April 24, 2015

Upcoming events

  • Centricity2

    Our Centricity2™ website and community management system (CMS) comes with built-in tools and features that let you do all the things you need to do more easily and more efficiently.

    • Connect with parents and key stakeholders
    • Integrate with student information systems and grade books
    • Engage students and parents with teacher/classroom pages
    • Improve school-to-home communications
    • Communicate securely with staff via an intranet
    • Build confidence in the value of your district
    • Showcase your success stories and improve public relations
    • Enhance your district brand
    • Go green—save paper and reduce your footprint
    • Spend less time on IT and more on education

    Learn moreSee offer

  • Centricity2

Mobile solutions

We support your K-12 school district’s mobile engagement strategy with a suite of solutions that work seamlessly with Centricity2. From news and weather alerts to school activities and lunch menus, our mobile solutions will keep your K-12 community connected and up-to-date anytime, anywhere.

  • School mobile app
  • Responsive Web design

Learn moreSchedule a demo


The teachers' lounge: Engaging and training your teacher community on a dime

Learn how Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District (CA) implemented their cost-effective solution for engaging and training their teacher community.

Creating engagement gold by getting social on all fronts

When Deidra Powell, Chief Communications Officer of Santa Ana Unified School District in California, arrived at the district in 2012, she immediately noticed an unkempt website, very little electronic communications, no social media presence, and not even informational brochures.

School District of Holmen (WI)

The School District of Holmen (WI) had given their all to ensure the nine-year partnership with their prior website provider was successful. They even endured an antiquated interface that was not intuitive and did not have 21st century features.

But, when the vendor outsourced their technical support to an offshore agency, getting the assistance the district needed became a real issue.

Content Rules: Telling your story to stand out.

Best-selling author and content marketing expert Ann Handley discusses how you can embrace your school district's story as a cornerstone of your own marketing.

Buyer’s guide to choosing the right CMS for your district

Know what questions to ask before choosing a community management system (CMS) for your K-12 school district.

Tips to keep your K-12 community informed in an emergency

Schoolwires interviewed customers impacted by Superstorm Sandy to find out how they kept their communities informed in the face of evacuations and loss of power.

Mobile apps and responsive design for K-12 school districts

Key considerations in choosing a mobile app to support your district’s mobile engagement strategy.

Administrator’s guide to reaching digital parents

Find out how and where to reach this influential cadre of parents who are driving change in K-12 school districts across the country.

How effectively is your K-12 school district engaging parents?

Take just five minutes to find out. Our parent engagement assessment tool will show you what you what’s working, and what you could be doing better to engage K-12 parents.

David Meerman Scott: Real-time marketing and PR

Learn how the Internet, social media and mobile technologies support 2-way communications that can help you better connect with your K-12 community.

K-12 articles and videos

Explore our library and keep up with what’s making news in K-12.


Schoolwires and Panama-Buena Vista USD Innovate New Website Solution to Train Teachers on a Dime

Panama-Buena Vista Unified School District’s new superintendent makes the bold declaration – “We’re going 1-to-1.

Recognizing the value of content-driven customer experience: Content Science and Cisco Systems among Top CERA honorees

The first annual Customer Experience Recognition Awards (CERAs) were presented at a luncheon ceremony at the Hilton DoubleTree in San Jose, California.

Schoolwires® launches new Partnership Program featuring branded Single Sign-on Access

Schoolwires PassKey Program offers certified SSO efficiency plus access to K-12 decision makers.

Schoolwires named SIIA Education CODiE Award Finalist for Best Cross-Curricular Solution

Centricity2 earns prestigious education industry recognition.

National survey: K-12 administrators affirm critical need to continue E-rate funding for Web hosting

Educational leaders highlight the importance of funding for Web hosting to support parental engagement and digital learning.

U.S. Companies finding success in China's education market

Schoolwires is among a number of U.S. education companies securing a piece of the market in China, as reported by Education Week.

Education Week interviews Schoolwires® CEO Christiane Crawford

Education Week interviews Schoolwires CEO Christiane Crawford on making the Inc. 5000 list as one of the country's fastest growing, privately held companies for the seventh consecutive year.


Get the latest on what's making news at Schoolwires.

Service and support

We know how important it is to stay connected with your K-12 community. That’s why we’re here to provide the support and services you need to connect with your community the way you want, and to help you stay connected, no matter what.

  • Hosting services

    Schoolwires provides always-on, secure and reliable hosting options for your K-12 websites.

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  • Web design

    Our professional design services promote your brand and build confidence in the value of your district.

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  • Training & consultation

    Off-site, on-site and online training options ensure both novice and advanced users can begin using our Centricity2 CMS right away, so you can make the most of your investment.

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  • Support

    Help and support is part of every service package we offer, and it’s available to you 24/7.

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