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Centricity2™ is designed exclusively for K-12 school districts. It’s an ideal way to connect your K-12 school community and your essential technologies, tools and information all in one place—your school websites.

  • Save on the Centricity2 Essential bundle

    Make the most of your investment with our Centricity2 Essential bundle. It includes our most popular applications and software packages, plus Web hosting.

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  • Featured client site

    Houston Independent School District

    "We’ve been impressed with how easy it is to use Centricity2. Webmasters with little or no knowledge of HTML are able to successfully maintain their websites. We are also able to easily syndicate our content to school websites using shared apps in Centricity2. This helps us keep sites fresh, with little effort on the webmaster’s part."

    — Oliver Dyke, Team Lead, Web and Mobile Design, Houston Independent School District

    Gallery of client sites

  • Houston

Centricity2: A better way to connect with your K-12 community

If all you wanted was a district or school website, you could get it from any number of providers. But you want more than a website. You want a communications hub that can help you connect with your K-12 community the way you need to every day—one that will help you meet the demands of today’s technology-savvy students and parents. That’s why we’ve loaded Centricity2 with built-in tools and features to help you reach students, parents and key stakeholders where and how they want to be reached—from desktop to smartphone.

Centricity2 comes equipped with Web 2.0 tools, a parent portal and personal dashboard, blog and survey tools, and mobile capabilities to help you connect with the people, information and services you need to achieve your district goals. And because Centricity2 plays well with your other essential systems—like grade books and student information systems (SIS)—you can make the most of third-party solutions you’ve already invested in. And you can add new and compatible systems as you need them.

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“The most powerful engine for differentiation and for communication of your district brand is your Web presence: your district website, your school websites, and the content, resources and communications enabled by these sites.”
— Bernie Rhinerson, Former Chief of Staff, San Diego Unified School District
  • Improve parent and community engagement

    Centricity2 makes it easier than ever to engage all the members of your community with group management capabilities, mobile device support, a suite of Web 2.0 tools, and a personal portal where teachers, students and parents can choose and instantly access the information they want most—school and classroom calendars, lunch menus, assignments, and homework help.

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  • Promote your brand

    Your school website is one of the best ways to differentiate your school or district brand. Centricity2 helps you stand out in a crowd, with design templates and advanced design tools that give you complete control to create the look and feel you want. Using Styler™, WYSIWIG, Image, CSS and Roundtrip editors, you can tailor your school website to reflect and promote your brand.

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  • Integrate essential technologies

    Centricity2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with other compatible systems, data and third-party applications, including student information systems (SIS) and grade books. In fact, Schoolwires is SIF compliant with more than 100 different SIS systems. The integration capabilities in Centricity2 allow you to extend the functionality of your district and school website as you need to, making it a convenient and secure communications hub where you can populate parent portals, send notifications and alerts, and seamlessly connect with the resources and services you need. And as your district advances, you can add new and compatible systems whenever you need them.

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  • Support mobile communications

    Centricity2 is designed to support your district’s mobile communications strategy, too. Our Web app comes bundled with Centricity2 Essential, and it’s a fast and easy way to give everyone in your district immediate mobile access to your school websites via a smartphone. You can also add responsive Web design services and our downloadable mobile app at additional cost.

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  • Tell your story with video

    An exciting new feature offered as an upgrade to Centricity2, the Premium Video App powered by MyVRSpot™, delivers online video to all devices—from desktops to smartphones. Video creators do not have to reformat files when posting, and viewers don’t have to install plug-ins to watch the video. You can easily record, upload and share all important events, including board meetings, graduation ceremonies, highlights from athletic and other extra-curricular activities and more through the school website.

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  • Create student and teacher Web pages

    Connect parents to what’s happening in the classroom with student and teacher Web pages. Using Centricity2, teachers can include photo galleries of classroom events and activities, post assignments, provide homework help and resources, and easily communicate with students and parents. Students can create their own Web pages where they can post photos and current projects and build 21st century skills.

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Centricity2 Centricity2

How Centricity2 supports K-12 school district success

Your Centricity2 school websites serve as the communications hub for your district, helping you connect with the people, information and services you need to succeed.

  • Keep parents and key stakeholders informed about district news and events with a CMS that makes it easy for teachers and staff to manage and update content
  • Create teacher and classroom pages that include assignments, activities and homework help to engage students and parents more effectively
  • Communicate securely with teachers and staff via school and district intranet
  • Share your school and district success stories to build value in the confidence of your district
  • Enhance your district brand with a professionally designed website that makes a first great impression on parents, students and job seekers
  • Make the most of systems you’ve already invested in with a CMS that plays well with third-party solutions, like student information systems and grade books
  • Go green — save paper and reduce your footprint
  • Spend less time on IT and more on education — Centricity2 is easy to use and lets teachers and staff quickly access the systems and resources they use every day with just a single sign-on and password
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Centricity2 features and benefits

We designed Centricity2 with the needs of K-12 school districts in mind. Easy to use, fully featured and flexible, Centricity2 includes the tools and features you need to communicate securely with staff, engage students and parents more effectively, promote your brand and build confidence in the value of your district.

“I sure do like Schoolwires for school websites. They have thought of everything. Simple and powerful.”
— Jon Bergmann, Board Member, Flipped Learning Network
  • Web 2.0 tools
    Increase engagement and gain support for your key district initiatives using blogs, forms, and surveys. Includes tagging and commenting capabilities.
  • Advanced design tools
    Custom tailor your site to create an online presence that promotes your brand. Styler™, WYSIWIG, Image, CSS and Roundtrip editor tools give you complete control to create the look and feel you want.
  • Design templates
    Choose from an array of design packages and templates to create the look you want, or have our team design a custom look that meets your unique needs.
  • Forms and surveys
    Easily create tests, forms and surveys using a point-and-click interface. Email or store results using built-in reports or by exporting data to MS Excel.
  • Mobile access to your site
    Our Web app is a fast and easy way to give everyone in your district immediate access to your site via a smartphone. Our Web app is included with Centricity2 Essential, and you can add responsive Web design and our downloadable mobile app at additional cost.
  • Broadcast & content e-alerts
    Send emergency messages, text and email messages to all users of your school websites or only to specific groups. Users can also subscribe to e-alerts on their desktop or on their mobile device.
  • MyView personal portal and dashboard
    MyView comes bundled with Centricity2 Essential and gives parents, students and teachers convenient access to school lunch menus, announcements, event schedules, planners and more on their personal dashboard. They can choose the information they want to see, arrange it any way they want, and make changes as often as they like. Watch MyView demo
  • Single sign-on access
    Give teachers and staff seamless access to third-party applications like SIS, digital text books and other educational resources with just a single sign-on and password.
  • Video sharing
    Bring your school website to life with videos. Our podcast app allows videos to be embedded on any page on your site. For an enhanced video experience, we recommend our Premium Video App powered by MyVRSpot. The Premium Video App allows unlimited uploads of any video format and steaming playback that will work on any device. Videos can be tagged and commented on using those features in Centricity2.

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Related services

Get even more value from Centricity2 with these add-on services. They all work seamlessly with Centricity2!

  • Schoolwires® Centricity2 Mobile Communications App

    Leverage apps you’re already using in Centricity2 and publish content to your website right from your smartphone. You can add photos and podcasts to share events while they’re happening, and easily post announcements and mobile notifications while you’re on the move.

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  • Web design

    We know how important it is that your school and district websites promote your brand and build confidence in the value of your district. Choose from our professionally designed templates or work with our in-house designers for a custom look and feel based on your needs and budget.

    Learn more

  • Web hosting

    Reduce your IT burden and increase your productivity. Schoolwires offers always-on, secure and reliable hosting options.

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Mobile solutions

We offer a family of mobile solutions to support your district’s mobile communications strategy. They all work seamlessly with Centricity2, making it that much easier for you to manage the content on your school and district websites.

  • Mobile communications app
  • Responsive Web design
Learn more
  • Make the switch to Schoolwires today

    Every day, more K-12 school districts are switching to Schoolwires from homegrown websites and other provider solutions. And for some very good reasons. Here are just a few:

    • A website and community management system (CMS) that’s fully featured, easy-to-use and designed exclusively for K-12, so you can do all the things you need to do every day — more easily and more effectively
    • Custom design that makes your brand shine, showcases your district’s success, and builds confidence in the value of your district
    • Mobile solutions that work seamlessly with Centricity2, so you can engage and connect with students, teachers, parents and staff anytime, anywhere.
    • Secure Web hosting services that reduce the burden on your IT team, with guaranteed uptime and 99.9% reliability

    Make the switch from:

    Homegrown solutionProvider solution


    The Schoolwires portal is our communications hub, it supports the relationships between parent and teacher, teacher and student, and district and community.
    — Terisa J. ODowd, Howe ISD technology director

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