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Go MOBILE with Schoolwires®

Connect with your K-12 community anytime, anywhere

We offer a family of K-12 mobile solutions to support your school district’s mobile communications strategy, including a school mobile app that can be downloaded from app stores. You can choose just one of our K-12 mobile solutions, or combine them to extend your mobile reach. Know what to look for before you buy. Download our free Buyer's Guide to K-12 mobile apps.

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Mobile solutions designed for K-12 school districts

With so many people accessing the Internet via mobile devices these days, it’s critical for K-12 school districts to provide easy mobile access to their websites, so parents, students and teachers can keep informed about school activities, cancellations, sporting events and weather alerts. We offer a family of mobile solutions that work seamlessly with Centricity2 to help you connect with your K-12 community anytime, anywhere.

  • Centricity2 Mobile Communications App

    Publish content to your Centricity2 website right from your smartphone with our school mobile app—easily downloaded from iTunes® or Google Play® app stores.

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  • Mobile Communications App

    Even if your website is hosted with another provider, you can still go mobile with Schoolwires. Keep the app updated simply with feeds from Facebook®, Twitter®, and RSS feeds.

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  • Responsive Web design

    Ensure your school and district websites can be easily viewed and navigated on a majority of browsers and mobile devices with our responsive Web design templates.

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Centricity2 Mobile Communications App

Give your K-12 community easy access to critical information on your district website with our new and enhanced school mobile app—the Centricity2 Mobile Communications App. Easily downloaded from iTunes® and Google Play® app stores, our school app is designed to support your K-12 district’s mobile communications strategy, giving parents, students, and teachers access to critical information and resources on your district website—anytime, anywhere. The latest version of our Mobile Communications App can be branded with colors and logos to match your district website. Your district’s brand will be prominently displayed within the iTunes/Google Play app stores and your district-branded icon will be automatically generated on the user’s smartphone after they download your app.

  • The App has been redesigned to deliver your latest photos, announcements and news in a continuously updated news feed. And, with our newest version, your app users have the flexibility to customize and select the information that they want to receive. The most exciting feature of the new Mobile Communications App is the power of push notifications. The App now allows you to engage with your school community using push notifications to inform your app users of breaking news and announcements 7/24/365. Push notices appear immediately on the home screen of a mobile device, so important messages don’t go un-noticed waiting for the user to open your app.

    Our school mobile app works seamlessly with Centricity2, so you can publish content to your website anytime, anywhere, and right from your smartphone. We’ll help get you up and running with your new K-12 mobile app too, including making your branded district app available in app stores.

  • Mobile Communications App

    “This new mobile app gives parents and the community at large on-the-go access to district news and information so they can keep up with what is happening in the district.”
    — Bernie Rhinerson, former Chief of Staff, San Diego Unified School District

Features and benefits

Our school mobile app supports your district’s mobile engagement strategy, helping you connect with your K-12 community anytime, anywhere. It can be customized to achieve the look you want, and you’ll have the flexibility to change the appearance of screens and icons as often as you like.

    • Keep your K-12 community informed and engaged. Teachers, students and parents will have easy smartphone access to critical information on your district website, so they can keep up with school news and events when they’re at the office, on the road, or away from home.
    • Publish to your website. Content editors can publish photos, podcasts and announcements to your Centricity2 website right from their smartphone. So you can keep information on your district website up to the moment and even share events while they’re happening.
    • “Push” the word out. Automatically deliver alerts for weather bulletins, school closings, sports scores and other significant events in real-time with push notifications.
    • Promote your brand. Make your school mobile app all your own, with colors, themes and logos to match your website. You can also choose header and background images to achieve the look you want.
    • Deliver a familiar user experience. The updated feed-style interface provides an active experience, presenting new information, as it is published, similar to popular social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    • Full User Control. Users will have complete control over the configuration of their off-canvas menu on the app that they can reconfigure as often as they like.
    • Leverage tools in Centricity2. Our school mobile app works seamlessly with our Centricity2 website and community management system (CMS), so you can access tools like Flex Editor, Headlines, Announcements and Calendar right from your smartphone.
    • Make the most of social media. You can leverage Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on your mobile communications app, making it easy for mobile users to easily access your social media pages. And you can reconfigure the links as often as you want.
    • Get full service to configure and launch your app. We’ll get your school mobile app looking the way you want—from icons and logos to headers and background images. That includes getting your icon up in the app stores, configuring links and managing the icons screen.

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Responsive Web design

Nearly everyone owns some kind of mobile device today, whether tablet, smartphone or laptop. The growing shift to mobile means those small screens will soon impact the success of your website in a very big way, driving more mobile traffic to your site. That’s why you’ll need school and district websites that work equally well on every size and shape of screen, from desktop to smartphone. And Responsive Web design (RWD) is the best way to get them.

What is Responsive Web Design?

In a nutshell, RWD ensures that your school and district websites can be easily viewed on a majority of browsers and mobile devices with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. Your website will automatically adjust to the size and shape of the screen it’s being viewed on.

  • Features and benefits

    Many K-12 school district administrators and CTOs are already updating their digital presence with RWD. That’s because RWD offers some significant benefits.

    1. Save money. Build just one website that will work seamlessly on a wide range of screens. No need to create another website or app whenever a new device hits the market.
    2. Save time and resources. Build and design your site just once. You won’t need to repeat the process to accommodate a new device.
    3. Deliver a better user experience. A mobile friendly school website can lead to increased traffic on your site, repeat visits and more community support for your district.
    4. Enjoy peace of mind. With RWD, your website won’t keep you up at night. You’ll know your site is working optimally on a wide range of devices, so you can feel confident your K-12 community will have access to critical information, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Responsive Web design

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Schoolwires responsive design

We offer a range of responsive design templates to meet your needs and your budget.

  • Custom responsive design

    Choose our Ruby or Sapphire template and work one-to-one with a professional designer to achieve a custom look and feel that’s unlike any other.

  • Advantages of custom design

    • Dedicated services of a professional designer, from start to finish
    • An exclusive look and feel that’s all your own
    • A template that meets your specific functional requirements
    • Content-specific style and design elements
    • Branding at the school or district level
    • Compatibility with specific browsers and versions
    • Training to get you up and running with your new template
  • Ruby

    Ruby Template

    Our Ruby custom template package features responsive design and uses the same color scheme for each school site.

  • Sapphire

    Sapphire Template

    Our Sapphire custom template packages features responsive design and gives you an exclusive look and feel while allowing each school in your district to apply its own unique color scheme.

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  • Pre-designed responsive templates

    Our pre-designed responsive templates are available as a one-time purchase or on an annual subscription basis. You can tailor the template to meet your needs, using your own colors and logos, and you can make changes as often as you like.

  • Advantages of pre-designed templates

    • Tailor to meet your needs
    • Require less time to implement than custom design
    • More affordable than custom design
    • Brand with your own colors and logos
    • Assistance from a professional designer to achieve the look you want
  • MyWayPremium

    MyWayPremium (Responsive)


  • MyWayPremium

    MyWayPremium (Responsive)


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