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A virtual international classroom exchange program between the US and China, designed to help students become international collaborators, researchers and global citizens.

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Greenleaf program

  • Our Greenleaf program is unique among virtual exchange programs. It combines an engaging curriculum with a suite of instructional and social networking tools, along with a team of specialists to ensure that participants experience both their cultural differences and their similarities.

    Fostering global citizenship

    Schoolwires® Greenleaf program supports global citizenship, working naturally with students’ desire to engage with and learn from their peers. As they collaborate on projects and learn together through safe communication and collaboration, students learn what it means to be a responsible and active citizen of the world. More than a virtual learning program, Greenleaf helps participants appreciate and understand cultural differences, similarities, and issues that impact world populations.

  • Greenleaf offers

    • Standards-based, online curriculum
    • Personalized, guided tours of Greenleaf curriculum
    • Safe, multilingual collaboration and communication platform
    • Classroom matching services
    • Specialized support team and a bilingual/bicultural assistant
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Greenleaf curriculum

The Greenleaf curriculum is appropriate for middle and high school students and is designed to help them explore their communities and develop an understanding of other cultures and lifestyles. As students collaborate on projects and activities, they develop and deepen their 21st century learning skills. The Greenleaf curriculum is a standards-based, supplemental curriculum focused around 6 big ideas. Greenleaf curriculum is collaboratively designed and provides 27 hours of instruction over 36 online meetings.

“This web-based learning model has created a pleasant, relaxing and collaborative learning environment for students. In this way, information technology becomes more and more significant in education by converting the subjects of learning activities from individuals to groups.”
— Mr. Yu Liu, Curriculum Director, Beijing Yu Yuantan High School

6 big idea topics

    1. Team building, digital citizenship
      Students learn about each other and develop collaborative relationships with peers in their partner school by taking part in activities and projects within our safe social learning environment.
    2. The communities we live in
      Students explore the communities where they live, indentifying similarities and differences among regions in their own country and between countries.
    3. Our futures in school and career
      Students participate in a career interest inventory, explore and contrast preparatory practices for different types of colleges and careers, and create a personal timeline to achieve their goals.
    1. Global citizenship
      Students learn about citizenship requirements and immigration policies in their respective countries and find out what it means to be global citizens. Together, they examine social and economic problems within their countries and collaborate to identify solutions.
    2. Landmark places
      Studying landmarks in regional areas of their countries, students create a travel log and learn how and why these places helped shape their nation’s history and identity.
    3. Iconic images
      Students discover how iconic images helped shape their country’s culture and history. Images include iconic political leaders, sports heroes, entertainers and artists, along with events that helped define their nation.
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Service & support

Schoolwires provides an exceptional level of service and support to participants in the Greenleaf program, from professional pairing services to technical support.

  • Classroom matching—We provide a guided process to match your classes with the best fit across the ocean.
  • Teacher support—During a virtual session, teachers meet and review the Greenleaf curriculum, explore collaboration support for teacher discussions and learn about our safe social learning environment.
  • Curriculum support—Our team of specialists provides personalized, guided tours of the Greenleaf curriculum and scheduling support. You'll also have access to a bilingual/bicultural assistant.
  • Access to on-demand tutorials—Students and teachers can easily learn how to navigate within our collaborative learning system via online tutorials.
  • Setup, activation and administration—We’ll get you up and running in no time with setup and activation support, and we'll administer your virtual classroom environment and teacher collaboration space so you can focus on students.
  • Virtual community for Greenleaf teachers—You’ll automatically be enrolled in our virtual community, where teachers share best practices, exchange tips and tricks, compare experiences and suggest curriculum improvements.
  • Secure communication and collaboration—Safe, multilingual communication and collaboration via the Schoolwires Nimbus platform.
  • Technical support—All Greenleaf teachers have access to email-based technical support for their virtual classrooms.
“The most surprising thing that I learned was probably how much I’ve actually advanced in computer technology. I’ve found out how to do polls and blogs and chats with other people.”
— Student, White Plains School District
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What students and teachers say about Greenleaf

Our International Classroom Exchange program uses collaborative and social media technology to engage students and teachers in a cultural exchange. Greenleaf helps students embrace cultural diversity while they develop the 21st century learning skills that are so important to their ongoing success as global citizens. Here’s what students and teachers have to say about their experiences in our Greenleaf program.

  • “We performed dramas and read some interesting and fun books. I also learned how to write my articles well and how to chat with foreigners. I appreciate that I can join this club!”
    — Chun Shen, Suzhoulida Middle School
  • “The most Interesting lesson I have ever seen. I learned some idioms last year. And I practiced my pronunciation with my classmates.”
    — Billy Zhang, Suzhoulida Middle School
  • “We learned a lot through Greenleaf about communicating with someone with English as a second language. Some people like writing slang, but others aren’t going to understand it, so we had to write in proper English because they are just learning the language.”
    — Student, White Plains School District
  • “As I worked on the Greenleaf program, I learned that I have the ability to accomplish great things, and what I like about this is that doing this could lead me to great opportunities in the future.”
    — Student, White Plains School District

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