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Services & Support

Our commitment to client success for k-12 school and district websites.

Design, implementation, hosting, training, and 24/7 support

Choose Centricity2™ to power the most important link to your community: your district and school websites. Our variety of onboarding services will get you up and running fast, so you can begin engaging your community through your fully branded website. And, you can feel safe and secure with Web hosting services that are the most reliable available that meet or exceed industry standards.

What our clients say…

  • The support and help you will get from Schoolwires is unmatched. They were very helpful and worked hard to make sure the site gets moved like it should.
    — Robbie Greenwell, Union County Public Schools, KY
  • The support is phenomenal, the staff is friendly and helpful and the product is amazingly simple to work with.
    — Colin Byrne, Blind Brook Public Schools, NY
  • It is very evident that customer service is a top priority at Schoolwires. I feel confident that the company is committed to the success of our website development.
    — Linda Zintz, San Diego Unified School District

Already a client?

View dedicated client resources, including our community and support network.

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Web design services

Enhance your brand with unique website designs.

Your school and district websites promote your brand and showcase your district's success. By utilizing our professional design team, you’ll quickly and efficiently create a professional online presence that strengthens the confidence in your district and builds the value of your brand.

  • Made-to-order and design-ready templates

    Choose from a wide range of design templates—including responsive design templates—and tailor them to achieve the look you want. Or work with our professional design team to create an exclusive look that reflects your distinctive style.

    Design templates

  • Client sites showcase

    Browse our showcase of client sites to see how our flexible design templates accommodate a wide range of color schemes, logos, and layouts.

    Client sites showcase

Implementation services

Get up and running…fast!

Our team of specialists will have you up and running on schedule and on budget. We’ve been implementing school and district websites for more than 10 years, and in that time we’ve developed a proven process to streamline every implementation, no matter how complex. So you can feel confident your website will launch when you need it to.

Get started

  • Site implementation

    Our implementation team provides the support you need to implement your new district or school website. We'll be with you every step of the way — from planning and set up to integrating applications. And we'll help connect all your Web-based services and applications as you prepare to go live. You’ll have a team of implementation professionals to help:

    • Build your database
    • Set up an incubation site for testing
    • Link up your Schoolwires applications (Centricity2™, Nimbus™, Synergy™, Assist™)
    • Integrate your Schoolwires applications with your student directory service or link to your Active Directory, OpenLDAP, or eDirectory service
  • Site Launch Consulting

    The fast lane to your new website. Take advantage of site launch consulting, a personalized intensive three-day website transition and training program for district web communication managers. During site launch consulting our team will assist with developing page layouts, site structure, navigation and content migration. You’ll find this focused program is an investment that ensures a timely and trouble free transition to your new Centricity2™ web platform.

  • Going public

    When your site is ready to go public, we’ll step you through the process and ensure everything is ready for a smooth launch.


Support services

The Schoolwires difference.

Our Premium Support package is included as partof every Subscription License. It’s available to you 24/7 and includes a wide range of self-help and service request options. And we provide 100% same-day response.

  • Forums

    Connect to our community of technology coordinators, webmasters and teachers, where you can view questions and answers from your peers and Schoolwires support staff.

  • Phone support

    Talk live with an experienced technician to resolve problems and get emergency phone support if you need it.

  • Online tutorials & aids

    Explore our comprehensive library of tutorials and documents at your convenience. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and learn how to make the most of our Centricity2™ school website and content management system.

  • Service requests

    You can report incidents, request support, or ask about new features any time you’re online. You can also check the status of your report or request, view incident history and search our Knowledge Base for information.

Premium+ support

Achieve your goals with personalized support.

Maximize your website investment with our Premium+ Support program. Premium+ offers personalized support with a dedicated Customer Support Representative who supports implementation and the on-going achievement of each client’s goals. Premium+ support includes all of our standard Premium Support features plus the following additional elements:

  • Dedicated client service representative

    A dedicated CSR will be assigned to your district to provide on-going consultation on your implementation plan, school website adoption plans and the use of the many features within the Centricity2 platform.

  • Customized action plan

    Your CSR will develop an annual action plan to guide your district implementation of new school websites and the adoption of the many features of Centricity2 throughout your district. The plan will be tracked for success with progress reports and status meetings with your CSR.

  • Priority scheduling

    Premium+ clients have scheduling priority for training and support sessions.

  • Unlimited Troubleshooting

    Contact our technical support any time with any question or problem. A dedicated technical support representative can also be included.

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Training for success

Always available, full range training options.

Our training is effective and approved by educators. We offer training sessions at our state-of-the-art facility, or we can schedule workshops at your school or district location. Online training and resources are also available.

  • Online training

    Online Training offers the convenience of being able to train from your location. You receive all of the benefits of onsite training without the need to travel. We offer a wide variety of topics to meet all of your needs.

  • On-Site training

    Schoolwires offers on-site training at your location, delivered by one or more Schoolwires-certified trainers. Classes will be tailored to your organization's particular needs. Our training specialists will work with you to develop an agenda that includes the topics of interest to you.

  • In-House training

    Schoolwires offers in-house training at our corporate headquarters in State College, PA, delivered by one or more Schoolwires-certified trainers. Classes are tailored to your organization's particular needs and will be preceded by an orientation call with the trainer.

  • Site administrator training

    In two online sessions you’ll learn all you need to know to get your site up and running. We’ll introduce your site administrators to Centricity2™ and show you how to set up users and groups, configure your workspaces, homepage and mobile Web app view, and how to create site channels, sections and pages.

  • Premium webinar library

    Our premium webinar library supports your professional development programs, providing access to technology training that educators and staff need to enhance student and district success.

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Web hosting

Safe. Secure. Reliable.

Schoolwires services are among the most secure, reliable and cost-effective hosting services for school and district websites. Your data is protected with data encryption, user authentication and application security. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing our security infrastructure provides firewall protection, intrusion detection, SSL encryption and proprietary security products.

  • Maximum uptime

    We provide the best data protection and most advanced facilities protection available, with guaranteed uptime and 99.9% reliability. So your sites stay live continuously. And we promise fast performance, even in high volumes of concurrent use.

  • Seamless disaster recovery

    Our seamless recovery ensures consistent performance and reliability. So even in the event of a regional outage, your data is always secure and always recoverable.

  • Cost effective

    With our hosting services, you’ll not only save the cost of purchasing the technology to host your site, you’ll save on IT resources too.