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Family notification suite

Keeping your district and schools connected to families in a mobile world can be challenging. With everyone on-the-go, how do you ensure important messages reach recipients wherever they are? The solution: Schoolwires Outreach. You can instantly notify your entire K-12 community, through any medium, on virtually any platform, via one source.

  • District leaders can send one message through multiple channels from their desktop or mobile device. Channels include:

    • Voice
    • Text message
    • Email
    • Website announcements
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Push notifications
  • Outreach

Administrator Experience

    • Devices: Administrators can send messages from their desktop, telephone, or via the Outreach App. The Outreach App is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores, included with the purchase of Outreach.
    • Message library: Allows administrators to create voice notifications in advance to be reused. This is helpful for emergency situations that require fast action.
    • Multi language support: The Message Library supports pre-recorded messages in any language—making sure you can reach all families in your community.
    • Unified messaging: Allows you to share the same message from one place, making it simple to provide a cohesive message to your community.
    • List management: The flexible contact list manager enables the creation and management of call lists, in addition to a connector to link student information data and update automatically.

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Voice and SMS messaging powered by ShoutPoint.