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Safe, collaborative learning

A place where teachers, students and parents can work and learn together

Nimbus is a safe, internal community for communication and collaboration among students, teachers and parents. Nimbus includes social, community and instructional capabilities to support sharing, learning and academic achievement in K-12 school districts while providing a safe online experience for everyone that participates. Teachers can engage students online at any time or any place, administrators can provide professional learning spaces, club advisors and districts can set up sharing spaces, and districts can establish parent communities for information and discussions.

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  • Nimbus makes social space a learning place

    Nimbus is designed exclusively for K-12 education, to help facilitate social and blended learning and promote the 21st century skills students need to succeed. You can choose to add Nimbus when you purchase Centricity2™ or add it later. Either way, Nimbus helps you make the most of Web 2.0 tools like blogs and podcasts, to file sharing and secure messaging. It’s a place where parents, students and teachers can come together to share and learn from each other.

Social, community and instructional capabilities

Nimbus extends learning beyond the walls of the classroom and includes built-in security features like profanity filters, user activity logs, and role-based permission controls, so parents can feel confident their children are safe and protected in the Nimbus environment. Nimbus supports professional learning communities too, so teachers can share best practices, develop professionally and communicate securely.

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Nimbus promotes 21st century learning skills

As they work on projects together in Nimbus, students solve real-world problems and learn 21st century skills that will help make them successful in their academic and work careers:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity and innovation

Secure collaboration and file sharing

Students, teachers and parents can work collaboratively, participate in discussion groups and blogs, and share files that can only be accessed by members of the group.

Safe school and community networks

Web 2.0 tools like blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds make it easy to create safe social networks so students, teachers and parents can connect and engage to support student learning.

Professional learning communities

Using Nimbus, teachers can explore opportunities to develop professionally, share best practices, discuss classroom techniques, and learn from each other to improve student achievement.

Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments

Customize and personalize learning activities using digital tools and resources, and design relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools to promote student learning and creativity. Participate in local and global learning communities to improve student learning.

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Nimbus features and benefits

Nimbus inspires student learning and fosters creativity, working seamlessly with Centricity2™ to enhance communication and promote collaborative learning in a secure environment.

  • Group creation and role management
    Create multiple groups within Nimbus for classrooms, clubs, teachers, PTA and board members. Only members will have access and you can assign custom roles and permissions for each.
  • Secure messaging and chat
    Send internal messages to members in your group and add attachments. All messaging is contained within the Nimbus group, so there's no need to know an email address or use a separate email account. Group members can message each other in real time and carry on instant conversations simply by opening the chat page. And our profanity filter ensures appropriate language.
  • Discussion boards, wall posts and RSS feeds
    Any group member can create, view and participate in online discussions. Group members can begin a conversation and choose to thread comments. Members can also “like” a posted comment. And users can subscribe via RSS feeds to wall posts, discussions, blogs and other content areas and be notified whenever new content has been added.
  • Profanity filter
    Administrators can add words or phrases to a "black list" or a "white list." Words on the black list are blocked, while words on the white list are allowed.
  • Blogs and podcasts
    Engage students more effectively with Web 2.0 tools that enhance communication and collaboration. Podcasts can be easily uploaded and listened to within Nimbus, so students can engage anytime, anywhere. And teachers can flip their classrooms to give students a new way of learning while keeping them safe and protected within the Nimbus environment.
  • Assignments
    Create assignments online and easily add attachments. Assignments are automatically added to the group calendar and to each member’s personal planner. Group owners can grade assignments completed by members within the group.
  • Member activity report
    Group owners can view the activity of each member in the group, making it easy for teachers to track student engagement and for administrators to report on student learning and teacher activities. Each report includes summaries of all group activity along with activity for each group member.

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